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HEART Peer Support Information Session

The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center is pleased to announce the kickoff of HEART (Healing, Empowering, And Rebuilding Together)! We invite you to join us for a conversation about this new peer support program with the HEART Team, including those leading the initiative and some of the Peer Mentors and their Coaches.

The discussion will include how this program was created to help to strengthen the existing Route 91 community network that has already shown tremendous resilience in the face of tragedy. HEART Peer Mentors will connect with others on an individual basis, using evidence-based best practices to support each other. They will also have the benefit and guidance of trauma-informed providers.

Peer support is known to be an important part of healing for those with shared life experiences, with benefits to both those who give and receive mentorship. Several dedicated individuals have been training to become HEART Peer Mentors. They represent many roles in connection to Route 91 and have been practicing their new skills for several weeks. They are very excited to share what they have learned and they look forward to connecting with you through HEART!

Learn more about HEART or submit a request to be matched with a Peer Mentor at resiliencyandjustice.org/heart

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