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Visions & Goals: Vision Boards & Other Tools to Accomplish Your Dreams

Joyce Bosen, creator of the TRY Method, will present a two-hour session on Self-Regulation for Resilience and how best we can move toward our goals using habits we already have and use in our lives. There will be a variety of exercises that will involve the following:

  • defining your values in order to get clear on your goals
  • how neuroplasticity and goals work together to change your mind and change your life
  • lifestyle changes over temporary sacrifices and how habits can help
  • tips and tricks for staying goal-oriented, including best practices for vision boards or journals

The term “self-regulation” is broad and used widely to define the process of guiding one’s own thoughts and behaviors to regulate our reactions. Through the TRY Method of Self-Regulation for Resilience, or SRR, the mind-body connection is engaged and utilizes guided imagery and sensory observation aligning the mind and body towards the same goal of calming the central nervous system’s fight or flight response. When these SRR efforts are actively practiced, the body and mind learn to engage SRR automatically resulting in “muscle memory,” which allows one to ultimately build resilience and subconscious or passive self-regulation.

Joyce founded TRY with her husband as a way to overcome and thrive after experiencing trauma and PTSD firsthand. Their organization offered free classes across the Las Vegas community for those affected by the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival and was presented with a 2017 Compassionate City Award by the mayor of Las Vegas.

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